Crafted to perfection, each and every
    Destinèe diamond is adorned with a
    splendid radiant fire that will set your heart
    ablaze. Enrapture all with the paramount
    expression of beauty and brilliance.

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    Best of the best

    Only the top ten percent of the finest gem quality diamond roughs are chosen to become a Destinée. A strict commitment to excellence as we use only the best for the exquisite line up of Destinèe.

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    Unseen by the naked eye, purity of colour will affect the diamond's value and minute
    impurities within the stone may cause yellow or brown tinting in most diamonds.
    The colour of each diamond is determined by measuring it against a masterstone set.

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    Only diamond rated color AGS 1.5 (G) or better
    are selected to become Destinèe Diamonds.

    Almost all diamonds have "birthmarks" called inclusions. A flawless diamond is extremely rare,
    but with strict standards of selection and high-level of finishing techniques, it is possible to
    achieve a superior level of clarity.

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    Flawless / Internally Flawless
    A Destinèe diamond must be rated clarity "AGS 4 (VS2)" or better..

    As testimony to the perfection of a Destinèe diamond, each one is
    rated "AGS Ideal Zero" for Cut (the highest possible rating) by the
    American Gem Society (AGS) Laboratories.

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    A Destinèe diamond far surpasses others by ensuring all facets are
    precisely aligned and polished to perfection. This creates a magical
    ring of eight perfectly symmetrical arrowheads that forms a fire burst
    when viewed from the top, and eight perfectly symmetrical hearts
    when viewed from the bottom.

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    Destinèe diamond as seen through the IDEALOUPE™

    Bottom View
    8 perfectly
    symmetrical hearts

    Top View
    8 perfectly
    symmetrical arrowheads

    The Destinèe diamond has 1 cut lesser, giving you more brilliance than you
    can ever imagine. Each of the 57 facets is polished to perfection and the
    result of the meticulous craftsmanship prevents light from escaping through
    the sides. Without the culet, the pointed end ensures no light is lost, and
    instead, is reflects back to you in a magnificent blaze. 

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    Light escapes from bottom and
    sides of a standard cut diamond.
    Light is refracted internally and
    reflected through the top of a
    Destinèe diamond.

    In the world of Destinèe diamond, no two are alike because each
    Destinèe diamond exudes her own personality and characteristics. For
    the assurance of her unique value, the Destinèe name and her
    identification number are laser-inscribed* on her girdle - attesting to her
    authenticity and lending proof of ownership.

    *Only available on Destinèe diamond of 0.18 carat and above.

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    Laser-inscribed Destinèe name and identification numbers.


    Of unparalleled brilliance, the 2 hearts
    symbolise the eternal bond between
    lovers - White for fidelity and rose gold
    for love. This exquisite piece will be
    perfect for your one and only.

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    The Destinèe diamond is truly special.
    And when she is set upon a beautiful
    white gold necklace, it becomes a work
    of art that encapsulates brilliance
    and magnificence. 

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    Crafted to perfection, the Destinèe ring
    emphasised excellence and elegance. A
    symbol of harmony, the ring is created
    with exceptional craftsmanship that adorns
    the hand with sensuality. 

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