A Destinée Royale diamond floats in shear glass,
    amplifying her unrivalled beauty threefold.

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    The secret of the Destinée In Glass's alluring beauty comes
    from the centre of the piece. Embodied with very essence
    of elegance, each Destinée Royale Diamond bears a distinctive
    visual hallmark befitting only a diamond of such majesty.

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      Using an inimitable technology that originated from Austria, the process binds
      tradition and innovation with meticulously precise workmanship to create the
      ultimate statement of perfection.

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      Due to the remarkable and masterful achievement, the Destinée In Glass collection
      offers all her observers an unfettered view of the Destinée Royale Diamond
      - a chance to admire her beauty in all possible angels.

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      With the use of the glass to embrace the Destinée Royale diamond, the diamond
      amazingly looks three times its original cartage due to the magnifying and effect.

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      A masterpiece of exceptional precision and craft, the Destinée In Glass Pendant is a valiant symbol of modern feminine beauty. The perfect unison of the materials enables an unfettered and impressive view of the diamond.

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      Inspired and crafted with the same finesse, the Destinée In Glass Earrings comes in brilliant white gold accompanied by the dazzling Destinée Royale diamond.

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      The final piece of the celebrated collection, the Destinée In Glass ring is another work of wonder. Utilising remarkable technology, the Destinée Royale diamond appears to ‘float’ majestically in the middle of the glass ball.

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