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Niessing is a German jeweller with more than 140 years of heritage. It is known for high-quality contemporary design, committed both to classic design and to experimental expression.


All Niessing jewellery are meticulously handmade in Germany and are stamped with the “Heart and Arrow” logo – a symbol of Niessing’s quality, passion for contemporary jewellery culture.

Discover the Niessing jewellery designs and innovation at http://en.niessing.com/

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Imagine a diamond of unparalleled brilliance, fire and sparkle, one that features a cut so revolutionary, it emanates a wondrous vision of hearts and arrows from every angle. A new standard of fine diamond brilliance, the Destinée Royale diamond is perfect for the lady who appreciates excellence in every aspect of her life.

A worthy adornment for royalty, there is no denying the grandeur, elegance and effulgence that are the hallmarks of the industry’s finest Master Cutters. The Destinée Royale diamond boasts ten uniformly proportioned arrowheads and ten flawlessly symmetrical hearts.

Her 81 precisely aligned and polished facets make her the queen of precious gems. Her unique combination of cut, angles and faceting, together with a greater number of facets give this beauty queen greater scintillation and brilliance.

A distinctive visual hallmark, every Destinée Royale diamond comes with a Full Value Guarantee of two years. The Destinée Royale brand and identification number laser-inscribed on the girdle, accompanied with a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or Destinée Royale Diamond Quality Report are affirmation of unmatched quality – Majestic Perfection made manifest.

Royalty never saw anything finer.

For more information: www.destinee.be

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Rare and unique, each Destinée diamond is an ideal-cut, polished only by highly experienced artisans who possess the skills to release every diamond of her inner beauty. Created specifically for the women of today who enjoy the finest things in life, the Destinée diamond is indeed an object of desire and perfection.

The brilliance of the Destinée diamond is attributed to its 57 precisely cut facets instead of the usual 58 by excluding the additional bottom facet. This ensures no light is lost and instead, reflected back in a magnificent blaze. To add on to the sparkle, each diamond is also faceted at the girdle to ensure more light is refracted inside the diamond for an extra touch of dazzling splendour.

Destinée diamonds are rated “AGS Triple Zero” for its cut (the highest possible rating), by the American Gem Society (AGS) Laboratories. The Triple Zero Cuts rating is only attained when the diamond is graded “Zero” for three important features: the perfection in proportions, symmetry and polish.

Destinée diamond is accompanied by a AGS/Destinée Diamond Quality Report and a laser-inscribed unique identification number.

For more information: www.destinee.be

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Forevermark diamonds come with a promise above and beyond the 4Cs – a promise of quality and integrity. Responsibly sourced and meeting the highest standards of business, social and environmental integrity from source through to sale, less than 1% of the world’s diamonds are eligible to become a Forevermark diamond.

Each diamond is inscribed with the Forevermark icon and a unique identification number. Highly advanced, proprietary technology is used to inscribe the icon and unique identification number on the table facet of a Forevermark diamond.

Invisible to the naked eye, the actual size of the inscription found on Forevermark diamonds is only 1/20th of a micron deep and can only be seen using a special Forevermark viewer which can be found in Authorised Forevermark Jewellers. It is confirmed by leading gemological institutes that the Forevermark inscription does not affect the internal quality of a diamond in any way.

To discover more about the world of Forevermark, sign up to exclusive updates on: www.forevermark.com

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The Buddha Diamond celebrates kindness, bliss and wisdom. Crafted from a single piece of rough diamond, this internationally patented diamond takes ten times longer to cut compared to a normal diamond. Fashioned with precision, the exquisite Buddha Diamond is an art form to adorn and adore.

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Yoko London pride themselves on creating the most exquisite pearl jewellery in the world. Each of their luxurious designs is created to celebrate the luminosity and character of this most precious gem.

The passionate family run business has specialised in pearls for over 40 years, with their involvement in jewellery dating back to the 1700’s when they were asked to act as guardians for Nadir Shah of Persia’s treasury of jewels.

Their insatiable team travels the globe searching for the world’s finest pearls, refusing to settle for anything but the best for their coveted collections. Every Yoko London piece features only AA and AAA pearls, of the highest quality in terms of rarity, colour, lustre and size which are expertly set with vibrant gemstones and 18K gold.

This innovative brand works tirelessly to create collections which are at the very cutting edge of pearl jewellery design, collections which are timeless and yet modern, highly glamorous and yet wearable.

Due to their intricacy the majority of Yoko London pieces are handmade, always to the highest standards, meaning many items are completely one of a kind.

Explore and find out more about Yoko London's lustrous and exquisite pearl jewellery at: http://www.yokolondon.com/

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The opulent bold creations from the Giloro collection are truly a sight to behold, with arresting geometric angles accentuated by the stunning display of diamonds and gemstones.

With a variety of glimmering gemstones such as smoky quartz and prasiolite in a striking interplay with diamonds – all set in white and rose gold – the creations by Giloro bedazzle with vintage charm.  

For more information: http://www.giloro.it/

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Jewellery from FURRER-JACOT: Hand-crafted in Switzerland since 1858

Authenticity and exclusivity do not happen by chance!

In life, coincidences are the exceptions. Things generally happen for the right reasons. This is probably why in 1858 company founder Jean Jacques Arbenz established himself in Schaffhausen in Switzerland, where everything needed for the production of his discerning jewellery was readily to hand: a noble tradition of craftsmanship together with an inspiring environment. It wasn't surprising that at the beginning of his first business year he wrote into his company's diary: "I'm so happy"!

The magnificent location on the Rhine, the medieval town centre, the surrounding natural beauty, the overwhelming power of the Rhine Waterfall… All this was also a source of creative strength for Fritz Furrer, who had already devoted himself with passion and inspiration to the development of exceptional pieces of jewellery. 1943 he joined forces, in business and in life, with Lucienne Jacot from French-speaking Switzerland. Since then, they have built a partnership based on creativity and precision manufacturing that has endured to this day:

Today FURRER-JACOT stands for a more than 150-year tradition of craftsmanship in custom made jewellery, above all for exclusive wedding, engagement, fashion and commemorative rings. The former 'one-man show' at start has grown into a high-end jewellery manufacturer, which enjoys worldwide demand for its distinctive pieces. Today still independence and entrepreneurial spirit, together with the devotion to craftsmanship and individualised production lay at the centre of both thought and deed.

For FURRER-JACOT, the site in Schaffhausen, Switzerland is synonymous with the highest standards of quality, in both design and production. It also stands for the agility that allows the craftsmen to fulfil the unique wishes of its clients who, with jewellery from FURRER JACOT, impart a breath of immortality to their most precious moments.

Because every ring is individually produced in-house and on client order, special wishes – be they in choice of materials, widths, diamond trimming or engraving - are meticulously realised by master craftsmen. Striking and timeless design is for FURRER-JACOT just as meaningful as a piece's "intrinsic" worth: an inspiring working environment for the company's craftsmen, continual improvement from adapting the newest technologies and the use of only premium raw materials.

For more information: www.furrer-jacot.com

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Inspired by nature, the Annamaria Cammilli collection is a creation of earth’s natural beauty brought to life with the delicate touch of feminine perspective. Annamaria Cammilli pieces are noted for their realism and celebrated for their graceful, three dimensional qualities making their formal designs incredibly life-like.

Crafted in the likeness of arum lilies, roses, sunflowers and flower bouquets; these breathtaking pieces are created using traditional goldsmithing techniques combined with modern smelting procedures. The exquisitely detailed blossoms are wrought in unusual shades of gold ranging from Champagne Pink, Apricot Orange and bamboo Lemon to Ice White. The effect of meticulous workmanship and exquisite colours is undeniably original and glamourous.

For more information:  http://www.annamariacammilli.com/

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A World First: Rare, Unique and Exquisite

Created in 2000, Purple Gold was born of extensive research by Aspial-Lee Hwa Jewellery.  A world’s first, it is an industry breakthrough and recognized by the World Gold Council as a precious metal. Made of 19K solid Purple Gold and other metals including palladium and is nickel-free.

Purple Gold is the pride and joy of Singapore, and was elected by the Singapore government as the state gift for the 13th ASEAN Summit in 2007. To date, it has also gained popularity in the world of high glamour, with a keen following that includes Sir Elton John. Purple Gold jewellery is indulgently individual and captures the essence of the precious metal.

For more information: www.purplegold.com/

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For 30 years the Stenzhorn family has been crafting diamonds and jewels into fine art. A family business that is still owned and managed by family members, the company was founded in the romantic town of Boppard, Germany, in the heart of the countryside by the Rhine River. Inspired by the breathtaking surroundings of their native setting, the first Stenzhorn collection was an obvious reflection of the family's passion for nature.

This passion has never faded since, with nature and romance being the central themes of all Stenzhorn designs. Wildlife in particular has been one of the Stenzhorn hallmarks, in addition to the family's reputation for producing only the highest in luxury jewellery standards.

For more information: www.stenzhorn.com

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“Love is nothing but friendship set on fire.” This simple and powerful quote sums up the essence of Jorn Rainer. Based on the concept of simple friendship flowering into a glorious union, the Jorn Rainer wedding band is reflective of the lifetime commitment made by two people in love.

With a design philosophy focusing on rectilinear and geometric forms Jorn Rainer emphasizes elegant simplicity and uncluttered sophistication. Exquisitely fashioned in various previous materials such as yellow gold, white gold, platinum and brilliant fine diamonds, the Jorn Rainer wedding bands are premium love tokens for both bride and bridegroom.

The German heritage and Swiss craftsmanship of Jorn Rainer promises supreme quality with unique designs, that are timeless and yet innovative. Timeless and yet innovative, the Jorn Rainer brand is nothing but the best in premier wedding bands.

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