Forevermark diamonds only come from a small number of
carefully selected mines that are committed to high business,
social and environmental standards. Each diamond is founded
in trust and integrity meaning you can feel confident knowing
they have been protected at every step of their journey, and
can be proud to give or wear forever.

Noble Diamond
for Forevermark

Lee Hwa Jewellery presents Noble Diamond for Forevermark, the ideal
cut diamond perfectly crafted to display exceptional sparkle and
brilliance. It’s where commitment is celebrated by true luxury.

Exceptional Sparkle

Because of the meticulous craftsmanship, the 68 facets act as mirrors to
effortlessly reflect light within the diamond. Ensuring no light is lost, bringing
the end result of unmatched brilliance and sparkle.


With every Noble Diamond for Forevermark you will receive a
grading certificate, which provides an accurate blueprint of the
qualities – cut, colour, clarity and caratage that make your diamond
unique and special. Each diamond has been evaluated by the highly
respected gemologists at the Forevermark Diamond Institute in
Antwerp drawing on worldclass Forevermark grading standards and
bespoke technology developed by De Beers.

Uniquely Yours

Each Noble Diamond is inscribed with the Forevermark icon
and unique identification number using bespoke technology
from the De Beers group of companies. Invisible to the
naked eye, the inscription proves that this diamond has met
Forevermark standards of quality and integrity: the individual
number identifies it always to be uniquely yours.

Perfect Symmetry

The eight hearts and eight arrows signify perfect symmetry and
proportion – a visual assurance that every facet in the Noble Diamond is
aligned flawlessly. Every facet is crafted perfectly to reflect light that
manifests the diamond’s full beauty and radiance.

Top View

Bottom View

Eight perfectly
symmetrical arrowheads

Eight perfectly
symmetrical hearts

Carefully Selected

Forevermark diamond are selected for their exceptional
qualities. Less than one percent of the world’s diamonds
are eligible to be a Forevermark diamond.

The Forevermark

Each Forevermark diamond comes with a promise that it is
beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced.

The Noble Collection

Adela Earrings

Love Enshrine Pendant

Regal Ring

The Noble Diamond for Forevermark at the centre surrounded by pave diamonds, this pair of Adela earrings is a classic to match any outfit.
Symbolising a cherished love enshrined in eternity, the Love Enshrine pendant features diamonds encrusted in a teardrop shape band holding the Noble Diamond for Forevermark.
The Regal ring is a lavish statement piece, featuring the Noble Diamond for Forevermark in the centre, flanked by two Forevermark diamonds on each side set in a partially diamond-encrusted shank. 
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